Let's Get Acquainted ...

Monday, 12 November 2012

Hello everyone, my name is Nat, and welcome to my blog. It is the final week at Plum and June's "Let's Get Acquainted" blog hop.  And it is my turn to tell you a bit more about me and Made in Home, the place where I share all my Made in Home projects, quilted, knitted, crocheted, cross-stitched, upcycled, baked... 

Me wearing the Contemporary Beanie Hat 
So I am French, and have been living mostly in Britain since 1998. I was only supposed to spend 2 months here, improve my English, and then go back to my undergraduate studies in France. I came for two months, decided I loved it so much that I could not go back to France - gave up my French undergrad studies and became an au pair for a year. I did go back to studying though - and managed to get a lot of acronyms after my name in the meantime (I have a BSc, MSc and PhD). So much for my parents worrying I would never go back to studying. 

I met my husband nearly 8 years ago (our anniversary is some time this month, we are a bit fuzzy on the actual date), we got married two years and half ago and we are now expecting our first child (very beginning of December) - and the little one will be 3/4 French and 1/4 British. I do/did have a full-time job in finance, and I am now on maternity leave, as Baby MiH could come at any time apparently - although it would be really handy if he could wait until his due date... 

I am slightly bigger now... 
So I mentioned that this blog is not just about quilting, although it is more and more present in my life at the moment. But I am first a knitter - as this is the craft my Grandma taught me when I was little, I learnt how to sew in classes my Mum sent me to as a teenager, crochet came much later (3 years ago), baking sort of come with being French and my sweet tooth. Then I learnt most of the other crafts on internet, thanks to blogs or youtube videos - and the learning is never ending. 

The 'petites souris' cushion for Baby MiH cushion cover
Let me share a bit more...

       - My quilting tips - 

Spend time preparing your fabric and cutting accurately. I think I realised this way too late, but the final result is SO much better. It is therefore key to change your blades - do it now, it is quite expensive, but so much better!

Also I only use some of my scissors for fabric cutting and sewing related activities, and do not use them for paper, in the kitchen etc - so they last longer. 

       - Favourite fabric -   

 If you have been on my blog before, you will already know that I am a big fan of Lotta Jansdotter, Rashida Coleman-Hale and most recently Leah Duncan. 

       - Favorite book - 

I love all the Harry Potter, and more recently the Hunger Games triology. Otherwise crime novels (Agatha Christie is one of my favourite authors). 

       - Favorite quilting tool - 

My rotary cutter - with brand new blades!

       - Blogging tip - 

Good Pictures - it is harder and harder to get some good natural light at the moment (short days and autumn) but it is worth spending the time getting nice pictures - makes it nicer for you and other to read. I think.. 

Thanks to Beth at Plum and June for organizing this amazing blog hop - It is totally what blogging is all about for me, finding a community of like-minded people with whom I can share tips, my projects and will get support from. And it was in fact great to meet some fellow bloggers over the summer!
There are loads of blogs for you to check out this final week... I am off to go and say hi!

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  1. Yay to you and the blog hop. Hope lots of new people discover how wonderful you are.

  2. Nice to get to know you a bit better! I love your quilting tips.

  3. Great tips / I hate it when blades skip 1 thread all the time!

  4. Nice to meet you Nat! I love your hat, and I'm a big Agatha Christie fan too :D

  5. Nice to meet you Nat. Great tips and that reminds me I need to change the blade on my rotary cutter.

  6. Great to get to know more about you: I also work in finance but don't have any letters after my name :-) although I am working on that one!

  7. Great to get to know you a little better and totally agree with you about good photos. Bad photos are such a blog turn off. I love the hands on the bump image.

  8. great to know more about you Nat, I love your blog :)

  9. We appear to have arranged a "swap" - you have moved from France to the UK and I have travelled in the opposite direction! Your English is much better than my French though! Yours is a lovely blog and it is nice to meet you!

  10. So fun to read about you. And look how the bun in the oven has grown. I bet you're glowing. I love that pillow above. What an adventure you've had and what a new one you'll have with your ohana when baby's born.

  11. Great post! Lovely to know the complete "Nat" story! You are so right about sharp blades..the difference can be immense between a blunt one and new, sharp one!

  12. Good luck with the baby. One of my girls had me wait for 10 days after her due day. Those were to longest days of my life.

  13. Dropped by from P&J, great blog post, I love Agatha Christie too I have every book she ever wrote courtesy many years ago of my fab husband and kids. Sending you very best wishes for the birth of your baby, such a magical time, good to meet you :)

  14. I enjoyed reading about you. Thanks for sharing. And thanks for the great tips.

  15. I love the Harry Potter books and have enjoyed The Hunger Games as well. It was great getting to know a bit more about you.

  16. Oh, Nat, you are so cute. So glad more people are being introduced to your lovely blog. x

  17. Great to learn more about you Nat! Ever since you posted that pic (a few weeks ago?), that is how I always picture you! Oh, and we'll have to talk about books!

  18. Hello! Nice to meet you on the Plum and June blog hop! I love the look of your blog.

  19. What? You have a PhD? I am very impressed! Nice to get to know more about you:)

  20. congrats on your impending little one, that's so exciting! What a great little post to 'get to know' you.

  21. Great to know a little more about you, Nat. You're so right about getting accurate cuts with sharp blades and I find I don't need to put alot of pressure into cutting 4 layers of fabric at one go! I do keep those blunt blades for foundation paper piecing projects though.

  22. Very nice blog and post. Thanks for sharing on the blog hop. Take care of yourself now. ;)

  23. Love this idea. Its nice to know more about you. I fall in love with that cushion cover everytime I see it!

  24. Nice to meet you Nat and congratulations on your upcoming arrival :) I also love the look of your blog, great stuff.

  25. It's lovely to get to know you a bit better. I completely agree with you about preparation and cutting accurately. I know it's impossible to make something perfect but I think it's definitely worth the time and effort to craft things as well as we can :)

  26. So nice to get to know you a bit, Nat. Harry Potter est un de mes préférés aussi!