Holiday Test

Monday, 3 September 2012

We are on holiday! I am hoping the blogger app works, I have never tried it before -and it may have been clever to actually have tested it... So let's say this is the test post, and here are the two things I have decided to focus on - in the hope of real progress!

[when I work out how to do It, there should be a picture
 of the olympics cross stitching 
and the hunger games book - volume 1] ....

I am a bit late at the Hunger Games Party, and I was really missing out... I only bought the first volume, may have been a mistake.


  1. I watched the film of the Hunger Games on the plane on the way home and really enjoyed it- might have to get hold of the books now!

  2. The picture isn't showing up in the post, but does in the thumbnail (if that makes sense).
    Hope you're enjoying yourselves =D

  3. oh, have a nice holiday! there's a blogger app?? i'm behind the times!!

  4. I've never used the blogger app, definitely share your experiences with it!