Dotty Top {sewing}

Friday, 3 August 2012

I should have really posted about this top before it did not fit me any more. Actually it does fit me, i.e. I can squeeze the bump in, but it does not look as good as it used to - so no modelling on this occasion. The top is from the Burda magazine published in December 2011, under the reference 109B.  

When I saw the Burda picture I knew I had to make this top. It looks quirky (can you see the odd sleeves) and I loved the fabric they chose (but as per usual Burda fabric references seem to only be German, hmmm). So bought some dots fabric as I wanted a dotty top, and I took the pattern, the fabric and myself to the sewing course. I did know I would need help. I also did some research, and tried to find comments of others on this pattern. Already I was worried by the number of comments about the collar being way too big.

I also have a similar top with strings as a hem, and thought that might be a good finish to the top. It is so convenient, and with the beginning of pregnancy (very very beginning) I thought that might be the right way forward. Did the opening and made the string out of the fabric. All very easy. 

To make sure the collar was not too big the closing became a button, so it could be adjusted after trying the garment - it was a very good move. The collar is also a bit slimmer to balance the look.  

However despite all the modifications, I really did not like the top when I first tried it. I had to take some fabric out of the sleeves, I looked like I Mr Hulk - without the muscles. I made a little feature on the sleeves, hiding the modification, and tried to rebalance the overall look. 

Burda reckons this is an intermediate pattern. I am not sure, I had to change so many things that it is hard to recognise the pattern in the picture and the final result. However if you forget the original template, it is a really nice top to wear and really like the fabric.  

I did make shorts as well from the same Burda magazine (reference 112) and I had no problem with those whatsoever. So it may be only this pattern. Has anyone else tried it? 


  1. Wow that is rather odd when you get a pattern and your finished product is nothing like the original version!
    I like the top you made though, you can say you made your own unique top now =D

  2. I would have given up before even starting. Looks really nice.

  3. Looks very well done. Love the dotty fabric too. I wish I can sew as well as you!

  4. That is a very nice top! I always think clothing patterns need modifications to fit perfectly. I think it is SO hard to sew clothing that fits! So I am impressed with you:)

  5. Really nice. I did not notice the top in the magazine, but seeing it here makes me want one too. How do you find Burda patterns? So far I have not dared to sew anything from it.

  6. Ooh, this looks like a lovely top! And I admire your commitment ... I'm not sure I would have made it to finished, especially given my, ahem, rudimentary sewing skills ...