Creamy Buttery Blanket {knitting pattern}

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

I finished it!! The Creamy Buttery Blanket is finally blocked, ends were weaved and it will be leaving with us to its final residence in France this weekend, on my parents' black leather sofa. I love it now that it has been blocked. It was OK without the blocking, you could see the potential, but the blocking really opened up all the lace pattern and showed the texture of it. Just in case you don't block your knitting, go and do it now! The pattern is easy, adapted from the feather and fan pattern you find everywhere. 

I used:
- 12 mm circular needles (I can only knit blankets with big needles otherwise it takes too long and I get bored - if anyone finds some 15mm circular please let me know, size DOES matter)
- a combination of two yarns, to get the cream/brownish effect. The yarns are both from Rowan, Cocoon in Frost and the Kid Classic in Bear. (I believe I used 4 balls of each but as I kept putting it down and taking it up again I lost track). 

The pattern is as follows:

CO 93 stitches
R1: K2, * (yo, K1) 3 times, K2tog 6 times, (yo, K1) 3 times*, repeat 5 times * *, K1 
R2: K1, purl all stitches, K1   
Repeat these two rows until you achieved the desired length

My blocked version measures 105cm x 120cm. It is a lap blanket ideal for one person (if you are small but not necessarily a gnome). Despite all the 'holes' it is surprisingly warm - I would say that it is best being knitted in colder days, I was totally overheating whilst knitting it last week. 

I know I have talked a lot about Cocoon and the fact that it is a very fluffy yarn. It is still super fluffy, but once washed (wool cold wash setting) and blocked it seemed to get better. I have not done a gauge, but I think the yarn totally grows during the blocking process, and therefore may not be ideal for garment - just in case you are thinking about it. 

For a blanket though it is ideal, especially if you made it that a bit on the smaller side. - did I mention I got overheated whilst knitting it and could not bring myself to knit another ball? All I have to hope now is that it fits with her new colour scheme and that she likes it. She is one picky lady, and I will know if she doesn't want it. Will let you know on twitter (@Noaslibellule) on Saturday - the moment of truth!

Linking up to Tamis' Amis - other WIPs and FOs can be seen here.  

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  1. Thats beautiful, how could anyone not want it!!

  2. it's beautiful! I'd love something like that for my sofa and for the cooler autumn days (if they ever decide to arrive!)

  3. I agree with the other comments - this is a thing of beauty! And the yarn combination sounds delicious!

  4. Wow you skills are amazing! I don't know how you do it. I'm sure I'd just end up with a tangled mess, but you make it look effortless! =D

  5. Beautiful! It seems like a great way to try lace. Can you believe that I never tried knitting lace before?

  6. Your blanket is really beautiful, love the color and the pattern!

  7. Wow, I love your blanket! it looks soft and warm- great job!

  8. Beautiful!
    I, too, can only knit blankets on large needles. ;)

  9. That is lovely! Hope it is well received:)

  10. That's a gorgeous blanket and love the mixed colours! I'm sure your mum will love it! Beautiful work, Nat, and thanks for sharing the lovely pattern too.

  11. Beautiful blanket! Looks like it would be great for the fall, when there is just the hint of a chill in the air.

  12. That's neutral enough to go with any colour scheme! I think it's lovely and if she doesn't like it we'll all queue up to volunteer to take it off your hands :)

  13. What a beautiful blanket! My knitting skills are very poor, but I might give this a try.